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What is a Mortgage?

As most people don’t have the money to buy a home outright, banks and other lenders offer a loan known as a “mortgage” to help people pay off their homes over a longer period of time – typically around 25 years. The term “mortgage” specifically refers to a loan that is used to purchase a property, where the property is then used as security against the mortgage. This means that if you fail to keep up with your repayments, your lender may repossess your home in order to recover the loan amount.

In order to get a mortgage most lenders will require you to put down a minimum amount of 5% of the property value, which is known as a “deposit”, with the lender providing a mortgage for the remaining 95%. It is important to distinguish between property value and purchase price, as the lender will only provide a mortgage against the property value. So if the purchase price ends up being higher than the property value, your deposit will need to cover the additional amount.

Buy to Let Mortgages

Whether you are looking to complete your first buy-to-let purchase, or already maintain a sizeable portfolio of properties, we know every penny counts when it comes to making a profit. At Border Mortgage Services, not only do we search the whole of market to find you the best Buy to Let mortgage deal for your circumstances, but we also do this for a very small fee.

We’ll provide you with your very own Buy to Let mortgage advisor, fully qualified and experienced in the Buy to Let industry and everything that entails.

Whether you need someone to help decipher complicated jargon or need a professional to push through a time-sensitive application, we can help.

We will find your “Best in Market” mortgage from thousands of mortgage products across the whole of market. Then, we handle all the paperwork, as well as liaising with solicitors, lenders and surveyors throughout the process, to ensure a smoothly handled transaction from start to finish. Our Buy to Let mortgage advice gives you access to exclusive rates and deals that you won’t find anywhere else, including the lowest deposit 80% LTV buy to let mortgages available on the market. Come and see for yourself what our excellent service can do. Book an appointment today!

New Build Mortgages

There’s a lot to love about new build homes - that new paint smell, those modern amenities, and sleek, stylish designs that put you at the forefront of the housing market. Not only that, but there are many incentives on offer for new build properties, including the government Help to Buy scheme, part exchange, and various shared equity schemes that can help you buy a bigger home than you might have thought possible. We also offer 95% mortgage options, to make it that little bit easier to get on the property ladder.

Combine that with our new build mortgage advice – which offers the very best mortgage deal available to you, there’s no better place to turn to for your home buying needs.

What’s more, we’ll liaise with surveyors, solicitors and estate agents on your behalf, and even complete all the paperwork for you, to ensure your home purchase goes smoothly from start to finish.

Self-Build & Renovations Finance

For many self builders, a self build mortgage is essential to building their own home. If you are looking to take out a self build mortgage then using Border Mortgage Services gives you:

For more detailed information, please take a look at this PDF which we have available for download.

Free First Time Buyer Mortgage Advice

Taking your first step onto the property ladder is an exciting time – but with so much to think about, it can be a little daunting. We believe everyone has the right to free mortgage advice, and as a first-time buyer specialist, we’re better placed than anyone to walk you through the process of buying your first home. We will provide advice at every step of the journey. We will calculate exactly how much you can borrow, how much everything will cost, and walk you through the entire purchasing process from start to finish.

We also do all the paperwork – no heavy lifting for you! We offer a flexible service that gives you the power to choose how and when you want to deal with us. Whether that’s online, over the phone, or in the comfort of your own home over a cup of tea or coffee – we’re here to help, whenever you need us.

We have exclusive 90-95% First Time Buyer mortgages to help make buying your dream home a more affordable and you have peace of mind we will find the best mortgage for you. We'll search the market to ensure the very best mortgage deal for you. We'll liaise with your lender, solicitor, and surveyor, so you don't have to.

Moving Home Mortgage Advice

Whether you’re upgrading to a fancy new flat, or downsizing to a cosy little cottage, moving home can be a busy and stressful time. With everything that’s going on, there’s one thing you don’t want to be worrying about – your mortgage. At Border Mortgage Services, we are available to help walk you through the process of moving your mortgage to a new property.

Whether you’re simply porting your current mortgage across, switching lenders after a change in circumstances, or applying for a new mortgage to cover the new property’s value, you can relax knowing that you’re in capable hands with our excellent service. Your Border Mortgage Services advisor will take note of your current circumstances and help find the most suitable course of action for you to take. We walk you through every step of the way, handling all the paperwork and communications on your behalf.

Free Expert Remortgage Advice

As an experienced property owner, you understand the importance of getting a good rate on your mortgage. Small differences in rates can have a big impact on your repayments, so it’s crucial to get impartial advice you can trust when looking for a remortgage deal. Each and every Border Mortgage Services client is provided with specialist advice. Not only are we fully qualified and experienced in all aspects of remortgaging, but we also have a vested interest in making sure you walk away satisfied – our business relies on it! We have access to thousands of mortgage products across the whole of market, and unlike online comparison sites, we tailor your remortgage to fit your personal circumstances – there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach.

We will complete all of the relevant paperwork for you, liaising with solicitors, lenders and surveyors throughout the process, to make sure your remortgage goes as smoothly as possible. What’s more, it won’t cost you a penny! Get in touch today to discover what our excellent service can do for you.

Rate Switching

Switching your rate with your existing lender can save time and sometimes provide you with a better rate than moving to a new lender at the end of a rate period. You're normally able to complete a rate switch under the following circumstances: You are on your current lenders Base Mortgage Rate (BMR) or Standard Mortgage Rate (SMR) product. You are currently on a tracker product and it doesn't have an early repayment charge (ERC). You are within the permitted time scales specified by your current mortgage terms and conditions to be able to apply for a new rate with your existing lender. Get in touch and we will advise you on the best course of action at the end of your existing deal.

The Right to Buy scheme

The Right to Buy scheme currently exists in England for council tenants to buy their properties at a big discount. A new scheme has also been piloted to extend the right to buy to housing association tenants.

Under the current rules, you can apply to buy your council home if:

You'll need to fill in an RTB1 application form

Follow the link to the form and it tells you all the information you'll need to fill out the form and send to your landlord.

If your landlord agrees to sell, its offer will tell you:

We can arrange a mortgage for you under the usual terms and conditions. Your mortgage will be based on the discounted purchase price and estimated valuation and you may or may not need to provide a deposit. Legal fees will apply from you’re your solicitor and you may need to pay the mortgage lender a fee to arrange a valuation on your property.

You can sell the property, but it comes with some caveats. If you sell the property within the first 10 years of buying it through Right to Buy, then you first have to either offer it to your old landlord or another social landlord in the area. You will have agreed to this in the paperwork you signed when you originally bought the property off the landlord.

Speak with your landlord before hand to enquire if you are eligible then get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Equity Release

Equity release enables those aged between 55 and 95 to access some of the cash locked in the value of their homes. The loan plus interest is repaid following the death or admission into long-term care; or, if it is a joint plan, the loan plus interest is repaid following the death of the last surviving client, or their admission into long-term care.

There are several types of equity release plan available with many different features to choose from.

To find out more, read our PDF The Top 10 Uses For Equity Release.

Commercial Mortgages, Loans & Refinancing

We can offer the following on a referal basis.


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